An emotion to return to: Mal di Ventre Island

Mal di Ventre Island

An emotion to return…

I’m talking about a unique emotion because after almost 40 years and thanks to the dinghy we took, I returned to visit the island of Mal di Ventre.

I am of Sardinian origins, my mother is from Terralba, and that’s why I moved here to Domo Achenza, and I have always come to Sardinia every year since I was little to visit relatives and then obviously over time my lifelong friends .

The last time I saw the island I think I was 7 or 8 years old, or so, and I had a very vague memory of both its sea and its coast. For some time I had followed the events of that guy who wanted to name it the Republic of Mal di Ventre, but I had never stopped to think about it for too long.

Among other things, it has never even happened in many years to go back there, both because there was no transport, and because perhaps it is only in recent years that the proposal to take you there with a boat and then return to pick you up has existed.

On the day we decided with our friends and relatives to return to the island, I also think they hadn’t been back for a long time and I noticed the amazement and wonder in everyone’s eyes.

The sea was first an intense blue color and then a crystalline blue that can be seen so vividly in few places. We anchored at a safe distance and swam to the shore, taking our shoes with us to go on a little excursion and, I assure you, what a wonder of wonders, the island is completely beautiful in every corner.

I attach to this post the photos we took on the day, but I assure you that they don’t really do justice to what we found.

After many years I have renewed the memory of a place that I had buried in my head and now I like to share with everyone the wonder of this pearl of the Oristano coast.

In the meantime you decide come to visit us to Domo Achenza in Terralba.