About us

About Us

Gabriele and Rossella

About us: we are Gabriele and Rossella and we have always been passionate about the sea and sailing.

After so many years of thinking about it, we finally managed to get a nice dinghy and be able to share with other people the wonderful experience of being able to sail along the coasts of Oristano to the north and those of Arbus/Costa Verde to the south.

Gabriele has had a boat license for almost 20 years and guarantees extreme safety during navigation, Rossella is very good at entertaining guests and explaining all the things that will be seen along the way.

We offer a different range of proposals to give everyone the opportunity to visit the part of the coast they prefer best.

Upon request, we also offer totally customized boat trips.

Our tours, as you will see on the various pages of our site, are all carried out in safety and are not carried out if the weather forecasts are not good.